I ara farem something completely diferent!

després de més d'un any desvariejant per aquests mons de bloqs parlant dels Balcans, m'escriurà al bloq dos autèntics balcans!

Hola! This is Nikola, the other Nikola (so so crazy one, not the other crazy Nikola who is speaking Catalan with Italian accent ;). I am in Barcelona and in Spain for the first time, and I already feel like at home. A bunch of local Catalan people on the street stopped me and asked me some questions in Catalan, so I concluded I look Catalan! Yo santir a la casa!

Hola. que tal. Muy Bien. y Hermano ... ok i am really trying to speak Catalan with a Italiano Accent .... i really must say that you people are really, really wonderful!!! we are all currently listening Sebastian Tellier ... papapapppa i.... I really feel in BCN like at home.... Gracias chica - I sada je vreme da predjemo na srpski.... devojke predivne ste stvarno!!!!!!!!!!

i les del pis fem :) hihihihi